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Arizona State Board of Nursing: Nursing Assistant Handbook:

Learning your Nursing Assistant Skills


Arizona Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook


There are 22 Arizona state board testable skills that you will have to prepare for as a student at Valley Vocational Academy.  The CNA/LNA will utilize these skills  to assist the resident in performing basic life tasks.  Each skill learned is meant to represent a basic understanding of the skill and may not be the entire skill as you would complete it at the facility. Don’t worry, you will learn them!  You must pass these skills with score of 80% or higher in order to be awarded your Nursing Assistant certification.  There is also a written portion of the Arizona State Board of Nursing test for Nursing Assistants.  This will be discussed in another post.  Get to studying and practicing and make sure to attend our RN led Skill Intensives.  Most fails come from test anxiety. The more you PRACTICE, the less likely you are to fail this portion. After completing the CNA class you will have 2 years to pass your boards and 3 attempts.  Click here to access a copy of the State Board required skills.


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