Frequently Asked Questions

The Nursing Assistant program is $1355. You can save your spot in class for just $335. There are 2 payment options. Option 1. Full tuition of 1355.00. Option 2- sign up for 3 month interest fee payment plan that includes a $30 finance charge. Total Cost with payment plan is $1385.

Yes, all Nursing Assistant programs are required to administer an admissions exam to each student.

Valley Vocational Academy is located on the southeast corner of McClintock and Broadway in Tempe, Arizona. Our address is 1845 E Broadway Road Suite 114 Tempe, AZ 85282

You can complete the course in as little as 4 weeks. 2 weeks in the classroom and 1 week at a clinical site followed by a final exam.

As a CNA you can work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, home care, skilled nursing facilities and hospice.

You should wear comfortable clothes with socks and closed toed shoes. You can bring your lunch and put in our refrigerator. If you have a TB test and CPR card already, bring those the first day of class.

You will be assigned a clinical site later on in your course. Clinical hours are performed at local long term care facilities. State board requires a total of 40 clinical hours with at least 20 hours be completed at a long term care facility. Your RN Clinical Instructor will help you meet the requirements to complete your skills training.

Registering online and paying an enrollment fee will save your spot in class. You can also come to the school and register in person. In order to ensure a spot in class, you should register at least a week in advance. We are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and by appointment. Don’t Wait, Enroll Today!

At Valley Vocational Academy we have small class sizes allowing the student to work at a pace that gives them time to practice and perfect their skills and receive the personalized attention they deserve. A distraction free learning environment with comfortable classrooms and skills lab to foster better learning. Registered Nurse owned and operated, with goals for each student to have a successful educational experience. Don’t wait! Enroll Today!

You can set up a no interest payment plan and spread your payments over 3 months. State grants may be available for those who meet requirements at AZ Job Connection.

You will receive your certificate once you have passed the VVA Nursing Assistant course requirements and tuition payments are current. Enroll Today!

As a reminder, once you have passed your State Board Nursing Assistant Exam, you need to be placed on the CNA Registry. To do this, you must apply with the Arizona State Board of Nursing as either a CNA or an LNA. You will be completing an application by examination, NOT endorsement.
For both CNA and LNA, you must submit your certificate of completion from Valley Vocational Academy and your proof of legal presence document. A list of acceptable documents is available on the Headmaster website and the Arizona State Board of Nursing website. For the LNA you must also submit fingerprints (for a background check) and $100.00.

Here is a step by step guide to assist you:

1. Go to the Arizona Board of Nursing
2. In the box "Apply for an Arizona License or Certificate" double click "AZ Online Nurse Portal"
3. Double click "Create an Account"
4. Click "I Agree" (located in the lower, left corner)
5. Click "Continue" (The box reads, "Do you have or have you ever held a license/certificate with the Arizona State Board of Nursing?" It automatically marks "no")
6. Type your email address
7. Re-type your email address to confirm
8. Check the box "I'm not a robot"
9. Once it verifies that you are not a robot, click "Continue" and follow the prompts.

The Arizona State Board of Nursing does not notify applicants the status of their application. Please log in to your account at the Arizona Board of Nursing to monitor its status.