Getting the Most of Your CNA Education

Advice to help you succeed in your Nursing Assistant Course and Arizona State Boards.

A nursing assistant course can be very fast paced.  There is a ton of information that is presented in a short time.  Here are some tips to help you be successful and become an active learner in your CNA education.

  1. Show up to each class on time. You miss a lot of valuable information when you miss class.  Even though you may be allowed to make up the material, it can be difficult to catch up.
  2. Be organized and keep up to date on assignments. Use a calendar to mark when assignments are due and know when the quizzes and exams will be administered.
  3. Be an active learner- complete textbook and reading assignments before they are presented in class.  Take notes during class.  Pay particular attention when your instructor stresses important points.  Take advantage to the resources that your textbook provides.  Many times there is on-line content that may could be helpful in your studies.
  4. Review material frequently. In a CNA class there is a lot of information and it is presented quickly.  You will begin to forget information if you do not review throughout the course.
  5. Use study tools. Some people find that making their own flash cards helps learn and review material.  You can do this the old fashioned way with index cards.  There are some tools such as Study Blue that you can download to your computer or smart phone and make your own flash cards.
  6. You need to study frequently in small amounts.  It is hard to concentrate if you try to cram information for exams.  Study for an hour then take a little break before you get started again.
  7. Practice exams are a very effective way to review material and prepare you for the written state board exam. There are many available on the internet, just google CNA practice exams.  The testing company in Arizona, has questions of the day and a free 10 question online practice exam.  Headmaster also has some online CNA practice exams available for purchase.  You can purchase one, five or even 20 exams on their website.
  8. The best way to learn your skills and prepare for the State Board Skills test is to practice your skills. You need to practice the skills so much that you develop muscle memory.  You should plan on doing your skills each day.  You can practice your skills at your school and even do many of them at home on your friends and family.  Here at Valley Vocational Academy, we offer state board preparation classes to prepare you for your skills test.  These are free of charge for our students.

Taking a Nursing Assistant Course is a big investment but with a lot of time, hard work, studying and perseverance, you will be on your way to a rewarding career.


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