What Makes a Good CNA School?

What the best CNA School Provides?

What makes a good CNA school?

At Valley Vocational Academy, we feel there are some basic things that make a good CNA school.  The basic things are small class sizes, experienced instructors, comfortable classroom environment and more classroom hours.

Small Class Size

  • A small class size allows for more individualized attention.  With fewer students, there is also more time to practice and perfect the basic nursing skills.

Experienced Instructors

  • Our instructors have years of experience in CNA instruction along with real life experience.

Comfortable class environment

  • At VVA we have a comfortable classroom with plenty of supplies and equipment.

Additional Course Hours

  • VVA offers more classroom hours as compared with other schools.  The Arizona state requirement is 120 hours of combined classroom and clinical hours.  We provide our students with 129 hours which gives you an additional 9 hours for instruction and skills practice.

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Valley vocational Academy offers high quality and personalized medical related training in Arizona.  Located at 1845 E. Broadway Rd., Suite 114, Tempe, AZ.   Our school’s location is easily accessible by multiple modes of transportation and located near many exciting lodging and entertainment options for out-of-town students.  Learn about our Nursing Assistant classes and other services like CPR training at www.valleyvocational.com, call us at 480-247-9388 or stop by and take a tour at anytime.