What is a Nursing Assistant?

The Nursing Assistant (CNA or LNA) is a vital part of the healthcare team. As a Nursing Assistant you will work closely and under the supervision of a Registered Nurse who will assign and supervise your work. Some of your duties may include:

  • Performing basic nursing tasks related to a person's care.  A nursing task is the nursing care or a nursing function, procedure, activity, or work that can be delegated to nursing assistants when it does not require an RN's professional knowledge or judgement.
  • You will complete this basic care for patient's and resident's who cannot do so for themselves.
  • You will report your observations about a patient or resident's physical or mental status immediately.
  • The healthcare team will create a care plan that you will follow closely in providing the correct care for a resident.
  • You will only complete the work that is in your job description and scope of practice.

(Hartman's Nursing Assistant Textbook)

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Day, Evening and Weekend course options available at both Valley Vocational Academy, located in Tempe, and Arizona Medical Training Institute, located in Mesa. Get the same great training from our staff of experienced RN instructors at both our Tempe and Mesa campuses.

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Course Detail

$1,700 Tuition

Pay in full before the first day of class and save $200 on tuition. Total program cost is $1,500.


  • Use of Textbook
  • Workbook optional
  • Stethoscope
  • Use of Blood Pressure Cuff and Gait Belt
  • Uniform top
  • TB Test by serum
  • Exclusive Student Discount Rate for CPR Training through Heartsavers

Not Included:

    • Black Uniform pants (approx. cost) $15-$20
    • Watch with second hand (approx. cost) $10
    • Medical exam for Health and Fitness Declaration (approx. cost) $20-$75
    • Drug Test may be required for clinical placement (approx. cost) $30
    • Chest X-ray if needed for TB Clearance (approx.cost) $55
    • State Board Certification Fees
      • Written- $35
      • Skills- $95

Upon successful completion of the Nursing Assistant course at Valley Vocational Academy or Arizona Medical Training Institute, you will be eligible to test through Headmaster/D&S Diversified at the school. Upon passing your boards, you may apply to be a CNA or LNA in the state of Arizona.

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Class Outline

Topics Covered:

  • communication and interpersonal skills, professionalism
  • infection control
  • safety and emergency procedures
  • promoting residents' independence
  • respecting resident rights
  • basic nursing skills:
  • bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, assisting with eating and hydration, proper feeding techniques, skin care and transfers, positioning and turning
  • mental health and social service needs:
    • how to respond to to residents' behavior and how to monitor aide's behavior to residents' behavior
    • awareness of developmental tasks associated with the aging process
  • care of cognitively impaired residents:
    • Techniques for addressing the unique needs and behaviors of the dementia patient
    • communicating with cognitively impaired residents
    • understanding the behavior of cognitively impaired residents
    • appropriate responses to the behavior of cognitively impaired residents
    • methods of reducing the effects of cognitive impairments
  • basic restorative services
    • training the resident in self care
    • use of assistive devices in transferring, ambulation, eating, and dressing
    • range of motion
    • proper turning or positioning in bed and chair
    • bowel and bladder training
    • use of prosthetic and orthotic devices
  • end of life care

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Nursing Assistant Admission Requirements


  • Age 16 and older
  • Proof of citizenship or legal resident status
  • Admissions test to assess English language, reading and math skills necessary to comprehend course materials and perform duties safely.
  • No active felony (ARS32-1606) in the past 3 years for which have not received an absolute discharge
  • Background check as required by clinical site
  • Pass a 5-panel urine drug screen
  • Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Flu vaccination as required by clinical site (certain times a year)
  • Medical clearance from medical provider
  • Negative TB test or negative chest x-ray results no older than 6 months (TB Skin Test to be given during class)

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Nursing Assistant Class Schedule

Daytime Schedule

Regular Course:

Length: 3 Weeks
Cost: $1700

1st Week: Mon-Fri 7:00am-4:00pm
2nd Week: Mon-Fri 7:00am-4:00pm
4th Week: Mon 7:00am-12:00pm Finals

3rd Week: Monday-Thursday 6:00am-6:30pm

Evening Schedule

(Offered at Mesa Campus - AMTI)


Length: 6 Weeks
Cost: $1700


1st Week: Mon-Thurs 5:00pm-10:00pm
2nd Week: Mon-Thurs 5:00pm-10:00pm
3rd Week: Mon-Thurs 5:00pm-10:00pm
4th Week: Mon-Thurs 5:00pm-10:00pm
6th Week: Mon 5:00pm-10:00pm Finals


5th Week: Monday-Thursday 6:00am-6:30pm or
Weekends Sat. & Sun. 6am-6:30pm

Weekend Schedule

Regular Course:

Length: 7 Weekends
Cost: $1700

Weekends Sat. & Sun. 7am-5pm

Weekends Sat. & Sun. 6am-6:30pm


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