Discover why Valley Vocational Academy is the Best CNA Program to help you achieve your goals!

Valley Vocational Academy strives to be the best!

Competetive State Board Pass Rates

Year Written Skills
2018 96% 93%
2017 98% 84%
2016 100% 82%


Free RN Led Skills Practice

You want to get your Nursing Assistant course completed quickly, but you also need to retain the information you've learned. We give you a little extra time to master your skills and FREE skill intensives with RN instructors to give you the best chance at success!

Limited Class Sizes

Expert instruction and preparation from trained and professional RNs with limited class sizes. (Don't get stuck in a class with 30+ students) Ask how many students are enrolled. Our focus is for each student to confidently and competently care for each patient and resident.

Affordable Tuition

Affordable tuition means that getting your education is financially within your reach.  Payment plans mean you don't have to pay for it all at once or pay high interest on a loan.

Clean and Comfortable

Our comfortable and clean classrooms and skills labs provide an ideal setting for you to learn and to perfect your nursing skills.

Committed to Success

Positive learning environments start from the top. Attend a Nursing Assistant school with a positive and professional atmosphere that you know you can trust. Each of our faculty and staff members are committed to you and your success.

Coordinated, Consistent, and Comprehensive

Coordinated, consistent, and comprehensive instruction means each student learns every skill the same way to avoid confusion which facilitates excellence in providing care.

Centrally Located

Our easy to access location means you can get to us in a short time from almost anywhere in the valley.  Light rail access is just a 10 min walk away or 3 min by bike. Valley highways are within minutes of our location.