Basic EKG Interpretation

This 32-hour course is intended for the layperson and health care provider at the initial level(s) of understanding of cardiovascular anatomy, physiology, and rhythm strip interpretation. The categories of students who will benefit from this class include prehospital care providers, medical students, cardiac care monitor techs, ACLS candidates, nursing professionals, physician assistants, respiratory therapy students, cardiac technology students, and students who are interested in the subject for personal knowledge.


$475.00 which includes the $250.00 Registration Fee

Included in tuition

  • Textbook
  • Calipers

Admission Requirement

  • Passing grade of 75% on Valley Vocational Academy Admissions Test
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Completion Requirement

  • Passing grade of 75% on chapter exams
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Basic EKG Interpretation Program Schedule

  • Classes coming soon!
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